Who We Are

Intermodal Logistics is a company focused on the transport and freight forwarding industry which provides fast, timely and flexible services. This is our aim as we start the freight logistics.

Our market expertise allows us to suggest tailored alternatives and solutions for the needs of each customer, seeking continuous quality improvement and a greater competitive potential on the marketplace.

With our unique world-class services, our clients are served by experienced professionals from the operational field who know the reality of the industry. Thus, Intermodal Logistics can greatly reduce or even eliminate many potential divergences in the transportation process.

The experience, resources and partnerships which we have acquired in freight forwarding benefit our customers thanks to our control of all transportations, from the point of origin to the final destination. Also, the most competitive fees reveal that our service mechanisms have outstanding quality levels.

Intermodal Logistics operates throughout the busiest times and under the most challenging conditions to ensure customer satisfaction and respect.

Customer trust testifies to our employees that we are successful when we manage to exceed expectations.

We offer the benefits of our solid partnership and commitment to extension due to our purchasing power with each carrier, which receive priority based on consistent services.


Understand and meet the customer’s needs, performing the process with unique competency, commitment and diligence.



Be the company of reference in our sector of activity, gaining the customer’s preference and global credibility in developing new businesses.